Our construction company

Company Story

Our founders Steve Hogg and Nathan McCormack both knew they wanted to be stonemasons from an early age. defying both their father's wishes, going on to gain apprenticeships and have never looked back. In 2012 Steve and Nathan meet on a residential construction site in settle not knowing that they would stubble across the chance to have other stonemasons and Bricklayers working for them and soon Sovereign construction and masonry was officially formed.

Both Steve and Nathan had huge support from two loving partners, who worked tirelessly behind the scene while working full-time and being loving mothers, the company grows from strength to strength and have grown into a extensive team off staff consultants, contractors and quantity surveyors who ensure that day-to-day operations run efficiently and professionally.

We continue to innovate, investing in industry-leading technology systems, rigours health and safety procedures and unmatched customer service. Our people make Sovereign Masonry different. Every single one of us believes in what we do. this shared dedication, sense of ownership and pride in our work is why our clients choose us to get projects completed to the highest possible standards.